The Fables of Æsop: Paraphrased in Verse by John Ogilby and Adorned with Sculpture by Francis Cleyn (Franz Klein)

Edited with introduction and notes by Donald A. Beecher - TS6

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Aesop’s fables of the beasts have been adapted to the respective ages through which they passed, from antiquity to the present. This is no less true of the fables graced and amplified by the inimitable John Ogilby. He imaginatively elaborated them in the verse styles of the Cavalier poets of the early seventeenth century and first published them in 1651 — a time in English political history when society was divided between the retreating Royalists, among whom Ogilby counted himself, and the victorious Parliamentarians.

Ogilby, with discretion, could not resist reading the more political fables according to the troubling circumstances of the times. Yet they remain the familiar fables known and loved, accompanied by full page copper-plate etchings by master designer and craftsman Francis Cleyn. This collection signals an important moment in the history of the illustrated English book, making it a treat for readers with its nearly equal collaboration between poet and artist. It is also a full scholarly edition with a critical and historical introduction, glosses and a double set of annotations.

579 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-772-72504-2 softcover
Published: 2021



Appendix I. The Life of John Ogilby

Appendix II. The Life of Francis Cleyn (Franz Klein)

General Bibliography

The Fables of Aesop

Commentary and Textual Annotations

Selected References to the Fables from the Ancients to the Renaissance, together with their emerging moral representations

Bibliography for the Annotations

The Editions of 1651 and 1668 Compared

The Ogilby Fables According to their Perry Index Numbers