Register of Sermons Preached at Paul’s Cross

By Millar MacLure - OP06

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In his comprehensive and scholarly study, The Paul’s Cross Sermons, Professor MacLure states that he has “set up … the Register of Sermons to serve three purposes: (1) to provide a journal of occasions at Paul’s Cross over a century, which may be read independently or used as a reference work in chronology; (2) to serve as a substitute for many otherwise necessary footnotes; (3) in conjunction with the index of names, to fill the place of a short-title bibliography of published sermons.” MacLure’s register lists many frequently overlooked public events, proclamations and sermons which, taken together, shed considerable light on the temper of the times, the implementation of official government policies and the everyday life of Londoners during the Tudor and Stuart Periods.

This new edition of the register presents MacLure’s original data intact, with newly discovered material inserted at the appropriate points and clearly marked. Wherever possible, doubtful dates have been confirmed and missing dates, sermon texts and Short-Title Catalogue numbers provided.

Revised and expanded by Peter Pauls and Jackson Campbell Boswell. 

152 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-919473-48-5 softcover
Published: 1989