New Studies on Old Masters: Essays in Renaissance Art in Honour of Colin Eisler

Edited by John Garton and Diane Wolfthal - ES26

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The twenty essays in this collection examine critical issues in Renaissance art. Written by students of Colin Eisler (Professor, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University), they serve as both a tribute to an exceptional scholar and a reflection of his engagement with technical studies, connoisseurship, cultural exchanges between Italy and northern Europe, and the intersection between art and its religious and cultural contexts. Collectively, they highlight the ways in which Colin Eisler’s scholarly achievements have inspired and will continue to inspire innovative research into the art of western Europe and beyond.

Included in this volume is Suzanna B. Simor’s article “The Credo in Siena: Art, Civic Religion and Politics in Sienese Images of the Christian Creeds”, which was awarded the 2011 Worldwide Books Award for Publications Research given by the Art Libraries Society of North America.

407 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7727-2081-8 softcover
Published: 2011


“This volume is worthy of its dedicatee. Its essays reflect the astonishing variety of Professor Eisler’s own scholarship, as well as his great impact as a teacher over a span of more than half a century. Diverse interpretive methodologies on topics ranging from technical examination to iconological interpretation demonstrate the interconnectedness of the Renaissance in a way that is rarely achieved in a single volume.” – Laurinda Dixon, Syracuse University



John Garton and Diane Wolfthal, "Introduction"

Publications by Colin Eisler

Crossing Geographic Borders
1. Jay A. Levenson and Julian Raby, “A Papal Elephant in the East: Carthaginians and Ottomans, Jesuits and Japan”
2. Rangsook Yoon, “Dürer’s First Journey to Venice: Revisiting and Reframing the Old Question”
3. Karen Lynn Hung, “Hans Thoman’s Nativity and the Hodegetria Madonna: Appropriating the Retrospective in German Renaissance Sculpture and Print”

Flemish Patronage and Patrimony
4. Diane Wolfthal, “Religious Devotion, Aristocratic Status, and Crusading Fervour in Rogier van der Weyden’s Diptych of Philippe de Croÿ
5. Susan Koslow, “Frans Snyders and the Seignorial Still Life: Venison Breath and Swearing on a Swan”

Crossing Disciplinary Borders
6. Mark Trowbridge, “Late-Medieval Art and Theatre: The Prophets in Hugo van der Goes’s Berlin Adoration of the Shepherds
7. John Garton, “The Scaling Ladders of Leonardo da Vinci: Art and Engineering”

New Discoveries
8. Eric M. Zafran, “A Recently Discovered  Adam by Goltzius”
9. Carina Fryklund, “The Flemish Painter Adriaen van Stalbemt: Two Newly Discovered Paintings in the Collections of the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts”
10. Jonathan K. Nelson, “An Inventory of Drawings by Filippino Lippi and his Circle (With Two Additions)”
11. Anne Leader, “The Church and Desert Fathers in Early Renaissance Florence: Further Thoughts on a ‘New’ Thebaid

Reassessing Visual Structures
12. Jai Imbrey, “Faith Up-Close and Personal in Mantegna’s Presentation: Fictive Frames and the Devotio moderna in Northern Italy”
13. Liliana Leopardi, “‘Ornamentis secundum condecentiam sui status’: New Criteria for Assessing the Ornato in Crivelli’s Paintings”
14. Lynn F. Jacobs, “Memling’s Grisailles and Artistic Self-Consciousness”

Italian Devotional Images
15. S. Maureen Burke, “Mary with Her Spools of Thread: Domesticating the Sacred Interior in Tuscan Trecento Art”
16. Suzanna B. Simor, “The Credo in Siena: Art, Civic Religion and Politics in Sienese Images of the Christian Creeds” – Awarded the 2011 Worldwide Books Award for Publications Research given by the Art Libraries Society of North America.
17. Carolyn C. Wilson, “St. Joseph in the Early Cinquecento: New ‘Readings’ of Two Parmigianino Drawings and a Recently Rediscovered Bedoli”
18. Marie Tanner, “Pope Nicholas V and Passion Booty in Piero della Francesca’s Flagellation of Christ

Venus and Venice
19. Fern Luskin, “Unchaste Veneration in Titian’s Worship of Venus
20. Cathy Santore, “‘La Nuda’”